A good number of people experience ocular health issues like color blindness and complete blindness. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, nearly 8% of men and 0.5% of women among people of Northern European ancestry suffer the most common type of color blindness that prevents them from seeing red or green color. However, the prevalence of this condition is lower in almost all other populations. Since ocular health affects overall wellbeing, you must visit an eye doctor when you experience any signs of eye problems. Here are seven signs you should see an eye doctor.

1. Eye Pain

Any kind of pain in or around your eyes is an obvious sign that you need to see an eye doctor. Eye disorders like glaucoma and ocular tumors can cause significant amounts of pain. An eye doctor will diagnose your problem and give you the right medications to manage it.

2. Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is a telltale sign that you have an eye problem and should see an eye doctor. The doctor will check your eyes for common eye conditions like macular degeneration and retinal diseases that tend to cause blurry vision. Diagnosis will determine the right treatment for you.

3. Double Vision

Double vision is another common sign that you need to see an eye doctor. The issue could be a result of stroke, injury, or illness. An optometrist will provide you with dry eye treatments, eyeglasses, or contact glasses, depending on the cause and severity of the issue.

4. Itchy, Irritated, or Inflamed Eyes

While allergies can make eyes get itchy, irritated, and inflamed, other underlying eye diseases could cause these symptoms as well. Therefore, it is important to see an eye doctor if you experience these issues even after taking allergy medication. An optometrist will diagnose the issue and provide the right treatment.

5. Hard Time Reading

Having a hard time reading is another sign that you need to visit an eye care center. The issue could be a refractive error, cataracts, or presbyopia. Whatever the cause, an eye doctor will help you solve it.

6. Frequent Headaches

Headaches can be caused by underlying eye problems like eye strains. Make an appointment with an eye doctor to determine the cause and provide the best prescription.

7. Missed Eye Exams

You should go for eye examinations at least once a year. You should see an eye doctor if you have missed previous appointments. Routine checkups will help identify issues earlier before they get worse.

You should see an eye doctor if you have any of these signs. Book an appointment today for examination, diagnosis, and treatment.