State of the Art Equipment – Advanced Technology

Optos Wide Field Retinal Imaging

We are proud to be one of the only local practices with the latest Optos California retinal imaging. This device captures a snapshot of the entire eye within seconds. This is the best widefield camera on the market. It examines a patient’s eye without the need of dilation eye drops. This technology has been proven to detect eye disease early and prevent vision loss.

iCare Tonometryfor Glaucoma Testing

(no air puff or drops) 

Digital Marco TRS Refracting Lanes

Our automated Phoropters allow us to determine extremely accurate glasses and contact lens prescriptions with the latest technology. The doctor is able to remotely control the lenses while maintaining social distance from the patient.


OCT is a non-invasive technology used for scanning the retina and determining any vision related problems that may exist, without touching the eye, even before a clinical manifestation or symptoms. This is a computerized imaging technique that uses laser light to make a 3D image of the macula and optic nerve. (for early detection of macular disease and glaucoma

Specialty Contacts

We fit complex and hard to fit contact lenses including post surgical, keratoconus, pellucid and  other corneal disorders and dystrophy.

Hard to fit contacts: custom soft, rigid gas permeable, hybrid, scleral. 

Visual Field Testing

A visual field test can determine if you have blind spots (called scotoma) in your vision and where they are. A scotoma’s size and shape can show how eye disease or a brain disorder is affecting your vision.